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Biting Flies Can be Excruciating for Household Pets

Published on August 21, 2017

Like many other kinds of insects, flies are most active during the warm summer months, usually from late spring to early fall. Although they tend actively seek out human food and habitations during this time, a series of simple preventative measures, including good cleaning habits and hygiene, can decrease the chances that flies will infest your home.

In order to make sure that flies stay outdoors where they belong, it’s important to limit their access to your home as much as possible by keeping doors and windows closed or screened. The same goes for external vents, which they occasionally use to stealthily enter your home.

Flies collect these pathogens when they land on certain unwholesome materials, and then deposit those pathogens when they land on food, tables, or counters. They regurgitate onto solid food and then eat that same liquid, meaning that they’re able to transmit disease just by feeding, grooming themselves, or simply by walking around.

fliesLikewise, a major key to keeping flies away is to cover up garbage cans and make sure that compost piles are well away from the home. Keeping cooking surfaces clean, both indoors and outdoors, will also go a long way to keeping your home free of intrusive insects.

It’s also important to note that outdoor pets are especially vulnerable to flies and the diseases they carry during the summer months. Since these insects are attracted to offal, manure, and waste, all of which your outdoor pet may come into contact with during the course of an average day, your pets may be beset by any number of particularly irritating species of fly.

Biting flies, for example, will actively harm your pet, and they may very well end up injuring themselves while trying to scratch them away. To make matters worse, if your pet happens to have an open wound, flies will likely try to lay eggs inside the injury which, as one might assume, can lead to all sorts of complications. If this situation occurs, take your pet to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible in order to avoid further infection.

fliesIf you notice that your pet is constantly scratching itself due to fly irritation, you may consider allowing it indoors during the hottest daylight hours when flies are most likely to feed. When the temperature drops as the sun goes down, fly activity tends to drop off, making it safer for your pet to go outside again.

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