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Skunks Can Provoke and Injure Household Pets

Skunks Dig Holes in Search of Grubs and Worms If you live in the south or Midwest, you’re probably very familiar with skunks and the problems they cause. These small, cat-sized mammals are foragers and are often sighted during the same season as raccoons and opossums. The skunk, of course, is known for the terrible […]

Bats Are Vital for a Healthy Ecosystem

Attics Provide Dry, Sheltered Roosting for Bats While mice can chew through almost any material to get where they want to go, bats use their comparatively small size to fit through preexisting cracks and crevices to get inside your home. Once they establish their roost, bat droppings will begin to accumulate more and more with each passing […]

Coyotes Can Pose Threats to Household Pets

Coyotes are Mainly Content to Keep Their Distance from Humans Coyotes are remarkably intelligent animals with acute senses of survival. Their keen eyesight, hearing, and smell make them effective predators, and their opportunistic nature often means that they’ll happily consume discarded food in more urban environments. Most coyotes are slightly smaller than the average German […]

Spiders Thrive in Dark, Warm Environments

Keep Your Home and Lawn Tidy to Reduce Spider Populations Spiders are very adaptable and efficient insects and can be found all over the world. Some species prefer moisture and can be found in damp places like basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms. Other species prefer dry, warm habitats and can be found in air vents, corners […]

Springtail Populations Need Moisture to Survive

These Fast-breeding Pests Cause Unmanageable Infestations Springtails are tiny insects the commonly live in damp soil and live off fungus and mold. The frequently live in flowerbeds and underneath logs and paving stones. These insects usually measure from 0.25 to 6 millimeters. They get their name from a unique spring-like structure located on the underside […]

Aphid Control Depends on Catching Infestations Early 

Aphids Can Quickly Decimate Healthy Lawns There are thousands of species of aphids across the globe, and when then feed in large numbers, they can be extremely damaging for agribusiness. They often cluster around new plant growth and suck the sap using needle-like appendages. Aphids are tiny insects and rarely grow larger than an eighth of […]