Combatting House Mice in the Fall and Winter

miceMice are Dangerous and Destructive Pests in Large Numbers

Fall and winter are the most common seasons for mice to begin making inroads into homes. As the weather gets colder, these tenacious pests are constantly looking for easy access to food and warmth.

Despite the fact that mice can slip into a home through even the smallest and least conspicuous of openings, there are a number of methods available to the average homeowner that will help cut down on mice infestations. To make matters worse, mice and rats can gnaw their way through tough building materials, and can gradually open larger and more numerous entry points into your home.

Many pest control experts suggest that sealing up any suspected entry points with caulk and steel wool is a great measure to take, and will certainly discourage mice from using the same hole again. These pests also commonly enter homes where holes are cut into walls to accommodate piping, so it’s important to ensure that any weather stripping is in good condition, and be sure to use mesh or wire screens to cover vents and the openings of chimneys.

miceIn the winter, mice love to build nests among piles of firewood, as they serve as sturdy windbreaks and shelter from the elements. It’s also crucial to keep bushes and shrubbery well maintained, ideally to the degree that they don’t brush up against your house, which will cut down on the number of areas that they can hide.

Once they make their way inside your home, mice will usually build their nests as close to their source of food as possible, meaning that nests in the walls of kitchens and pantries are not at all uncommon. If mice detect food in the area, they can quickly gnaw away at storage boxes and food containers, potentially spreading all kinds of dangerous bacteria in the process. Hantavirus is one particularly dangerous illness that can be exacerbated by the presence of mice, although they carry pathogens which can worsen allergies and asthma as well.

In addition to their unsanitary nature, mice can chew through electrical cables in their perpetual search for food which has been known to cause house fires.

miceWhen trying to determine how best to combat a mouse problem, determining their point of entry and potential nesting areas is critical, as it will allow you to place traps and pesticides more efficiently.

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