Cantu Wildlife Control Services

Cantu Pest Control founded its’ business using environmentally responsible solutions to protect your home and business. We not only trap and remove unwanted animals from your property we also provide recommendations and solutions on how to eliminate the problem for good.

Identify Entry Points and Repair Services

Squirrels, raccoons and larger animals can gain entry through dryer vents, plumbing penetrations, and even open chimneys. Rodents, snakes, and numerous insects can enter your home through holes as small as a quarter. Other wildlife that may find their way into a property includes skunks, armadillos, opossums, rabbits, and moles. Once inside your home they can then find a warm place to breed and their presence can quickly become a problem. After doing a thorough assessment of the property our highly trained service professionals will employ several methods of habitat modification and entry point elimination to ensure complete elimination of the problem.

Cantu Pest Control will tailor the solution by establishing the best plan to fit your needs.

These Include:

  • Animal and/or Pest Identification
  • Animal trapping and removal service
  • Animal and pest exclusion and repair services
  • Recurring inspection and monitoring


Safe and Humane Animal Control Alternative

Cantu Pest Control cares about safe and humane trapping of the wildlife that has invaded your home or business. We believe that wildlife invaders do not have to be killed in order to solve the invasion. After our professionals have properly and thoroughly employed measures that will eliminate future wildlife infestation then the property owner may choose to have any wildlife in and around the property caught in humane traps. After capture, Cantu Pest Control will transport the animal to a safe and wooded area ensuring that animal will not find its way back to your property and will have a safe place to continue to live.

Our caring animal control solutions are safe to use, easy and effective. Each trap is constructed of durable wire mesh, galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion and has solid plate coverings on the top and doors, which serve as a hand guard to limit contact with the animal. These traps can be easily transported without harm to the animal and can be readily released in its proper environment.

No matter what the problem Cantu Pest Control has a solution. Call Cantu Pest Control at 972-562-9999 (Dallas, Fort Worth) or 713-956-7822 (Houston) today for a free analysis of your wildlife problems.