Cantu Pest Control Discounts

Cantu Pest Control is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the pest control industry! We understand that pest invasions are stressful and potentially expensive, especially if you need multiple services performed. That is why we, Cantu Pest Control, offer discounts for our customers. Take a look at all the discounts we offer, and see what may apply for you!

Multiple Service Discount

Cantu Pest Control offers a 10% discount for our customers who pay for any combination of two or more services.

For example: If a customer is currently using our Residential Pest Control Services and they also are in need of Termite Control services, then a 10% discount would apply.

Call Cantu Pest Control at 972-562-9999 (Dallas, Fort Worth) or 713-956-7822 (Houston) today to take advantage of this discount!