Dallas Mosquito Control

Dallas Mosquito Control Relies on a Multi-faceted Approach

During the typically wet and humid spring and summer months, mosquito infestations will inevitably be on the rise. Dallas mosquito control revolves around the application of topical mosquito repellent for personal protection, but what about the general protection of a particular area when mosquito spray might not be an option? For these situations, there are a number of traps and repellents that can be helpful in keeping your outdoor space mosquito-free.

All traps on the market designed for Dallas mosquito control employ some kind of attractant to lure female mosquitoes closer to their impending doom.

Some kinds of traps use fans to suck mosquitoes in and either capture or kill them, while others use some variety of sticky substance to immobilize mosquitoes on contact or employ some kind of electric grid that will shock them to death. Be warned, however: most of these method will require some degree of upkeep, meaning that the owner will likely have to deal with mountains of dead bugs from time to time.

Some varieties of traps used for Dallas mosquito control employ propane as a heat source and carbon dioxide canisters as an attractive agent are meant primarily for controlling large mosquito populations that have become especially unmanageable.

These carbon dioxide canisters are meant to simulate human breathing and exhalation—which female mosquitoes tend to find irresistible—and serve essentially as decoys, attracting the mosquitoes to the trap before they can home in on actual, blood-filled human beings. Some other traps use a light source as an attractant, though these particular traps attract all manner of flying insects rather than just mosquitoes.

Traps using electrical means like extension cords or batteries care usually cheaper, smaller, and meant for smaller areas will less drastic infestations. These, too, will require a degree of maintenance, which usually amounts to cleaning out the trap’s victims with a wire brush. These “zappers” as they’re commonly called, serve more of a psychological effect for the homeowner than actually impact the mosquito population in any significant way.

The sharp, snapping zap noise created by these machines let the owner know that it is, in fact working; but again, the actual impact on the surrounding pests in negligible. What’s more, these machines utilize a strong electrical charge, and should be kept well out of the reach of children and pets.

While the bodies of mosquitoes continue to pile up around the traps—perhaps giving homeowners some small sense of satisfaction—this doesn’t necessarily mean that an impactful dent in the surrounding mosquito population is actually being made.

This is because mosquitoes are extremely adept at sensing even trace amounts of carbon dioxide and other attractants, meaning that they’ll likely be drawn to your location from surrounding areas. Real, significant control of mosquito populations in more dependent upon the breeding habits of the specific mosquito species in question, as well as seasonal factors and weather patterns.

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