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dallas mosquito control

Can pest control professionals handle Dallas mosquito control?

Dallas mosquito control is important to maintaining a safe home. Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous and all-around destructive pests on earth. Their unique ability to transmit often-fatal blood born diseases like malaria means that, especially in regions of the world with underdeveloped healthcare systems, so much as a single mosquito bite can have disastrous complications. Even in the southern United States, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas mosquito control is struggling to meet the challenge. People die every year from a lack of adequate health care when it comes to treating mosquito transmitted diseases. Children especially, whose immune systems are not yet fully developed, are most at risk of succumbing to one of these diseases.

As many homeowners know, mosquito infestations are generally seasonal, which also means that the rise and fall of diseases like West Nile are also seasonal. Dry winters and wet springs make for the perfect mosquito-breeding environment. Stagnant water and intense heat allow for mosquitoes to thrive all across the United States, making Dallas mosquito control all the more important.

Concerning olfaction in mosquitoes and other insects, it’s worth noting that mosquitoes have an extraordinary sense of smell; a large portion of their admittedly small brains are dedicated to identifying and divining the location of their targets.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, only female mosquitoes feed on blood, which they then use to produce their eggs. Female mosquitoes, accordingly, find their victims through their sense of smell.

Culex mosquitoes, for example, which transmit West Nile and other potentially fatal diseases, are able to pick up on minute concentrations of nonanal, one of the many chemical substances given off by humans. Mosquitoes detect nonanal through receptor neurons on their antennae. Birds, which are the main hosts of mosquitoes, also give off nonanal and have proven to the main source of the West Nile virus. When mosquitoes find other targets, they disseminate the avian diseases to other victims, including humans.

As researchers and scientists learn more about the way in which mosquitoes are attracted to their targets, they can reach a better understanding of how to develop more effective methods of combatting mosquito-born diseases.

The Notre Dame researcher’s lab is currently studying what scents plants that mosquitoes are attracted to give off. Again, a deeper understanding of the role of the chemicals produced by plants and how mosquitoes select plants to obtain their energy sources can lead to better control and elimination strategies.

For many of us, better mosquito control protocols would facilitate greater comfort and convenience while outdoors. In many parts of the world, and in developing nations especially, mosquito control is a matter of life and death. In Africa alone, for example malaria takes a human life every 30 seconds. A better understanding of the role smell plays in mosquito behavior can reveal important clues that can ultimately lead to newer and more effective control strategies.

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