Why are North Texas Lakes So Low?

North Texas Lake levels are low and yard watering is restricted. Cities have tight water restrictions.

Water can be considered one of the main sources of life; without it, we would not survive.  We bathe, cook, clean, and grow food with water; however, we as a population misuse the water we have.  We leave the water running aimlessly and bathe without a thought of conserving our life source, water.  Although seventy-five percent of the Earth’s surface is water, only one percent of that water is useable, consumable freshwater.  Many countries throughout the world do not have the commodity of running water coming from faucets within their homes.  In most of The United States, we are fortunate enough to have running water that is clean and free of deadly bacteria and other viruses.  For that, we should be grateful and aware of the decline of this precious resource.

The severe drought of recent years has caused much concern.   A drought of this severity, compared to the drought lasting from 1950-1957, will have both economic and environmental effects.   As our communities grow, our need for water grows and awareness is heightened.  The water restrictions that many North Texas cities are experiencing have had hampered many local industries.  Of these, the farming and ranching industry have lost over five million dollars.  This, in turn, will cause households to pay more for groceries, clothes, and other consumables.

Dallas Texas Pest Control

This is not rust and decay. This is a pest in our North Texas lakes.


The recent precipitation in Texas has brought lake levels up a bit but not enough.  In addition, the non-native zebra mussels found in Lake Texoma have prevented the water transport to the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Frisco area.  Even once water transport resumes, the zebra mussels are known for colonizing inside of water pipelines and restricting the flow of water.  The cleanout process causes a huge financial burden on those consuming the water source.  The drought also causes severe environmental concerns as well as shifting ground that affects your home.  The city of Frisco is enforcing some stringent conservation efforts as they entered stage three water restrictions.  Residents of the city of Frisco have limited outdoor watering, which seeks to reduce water consumption by ten percent.  If Frisco reaches stage four, no new pools may be built and current pools can only have water added.  Much of this depends upon the water levels of Lake Lavon.  If Lake Lavon falls below four hundred, seventy five feet, then the stage four water conservation efforts will be in effect.

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