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Do you have pests destroying your home or business? Cantu Pest Control has provided pest control services to commercial and residential quality in the Garland area for over 25 years. Let us be your local option when you have to face a variety of pests including but not limited to: ants, termites, cockroaches and bedbugs. Cantu Pest Control has the Cantu Green Service committing him to protect the environment with its pitfalls. Call us and we will dispatch a professional to your home to assess your problem immediately.

Serving the area Garland

In 1846, the area became Garland potentially formed part of the Peter colony, an entrepreneurial venture that helped populate parts of Texas near Dallas. The settlers found that the soil was good pair to grow cotton and two cotton gins were built in 1867 to serve the community of Duck Creek, named for a nearby creek. In 1886, the Santa Fe Railroad step Duck Creek one mile long by cutting the village development. The new people that believe in, Embree, season attracted settlers from Duck Creek who brought the post office with them. Then Railroad Missouri, Kansas and Texas founded their own people ensuring a rivalry between the new town and Embree. In 1887, the post office moved between the two peoples, and the location was called Garland and surrounding villages joined Garlan including its size and population.

The highways that pass through the villages are always a factor for growth, as Bankhead Highway which later became the 67, which runs from Washington DC through Garland to San Diego. Garland took travelers who used this road building workshops, gas stations, hotels and restaurants. In 1930 Garland had Craddock Food Company, Byer Rolnick company hats and radio station KRLD. During World War Garland had several production plants aircraft would later be used by Kraft Foods. Since then Garland has built many attractions such as the Firewheel mall, Hawaiian Falls Water Park and downtown Garland. Today Garland has over 230,000 inhabitants in an area of ​​57 square miles.

Pest Control Cantu knows that every situation is different and we develop customized solutions for each infestation. Cantu Pest Control serves the entire area of Garland including postcodes 75040,75041,75043,75044, 75045 and 75046. Call Cantu Pest Control today at 972-562-9999  to schedule your inspection.