Mice Can Damage Walls and Furniture with Ceaseless Gnawing

miceWinter is a critical time for pest control, because there are a variety of pests that will be looking to enter your home in search of food and shelter, including rats and mice. These pests live in all parts of the country, and will try to find a quiet, out of the way area in your home to make their nest.

Mice are mainly nocturnal, which means that once they establish a nest inside your home, they’ll dash out at night, unnoticed, and return to their nests before morning. As a result, actually establishing that you’ve got a mouse infestation on your hands can be trickier that you might think.

What’s more, mice can squeeze in through even the tiniest cracks, and will often take advantage of holes in external-facing screens and vents. They are also excellent climbers, and will take advantage of overgrown trees or bushes that may be touching your house to climb up to your roof.

There are a few key warning signs that may indicate the presence of mice in your home. These include droppings left behind, evidence of gnawed furniture or boxes, and grease marks on walls and floor which indicate the paths that these pests frequently travel.

miceMice carry a variety of diseases, and their potential to cause damage can be exacerbated when they traverse kitchens and food preparation areas in particular. Countertops and pantries are often rife with crumbs, which attract mice and puts them in prime position to deposit dangerous microbes which may be consumed by humans.

It’s also important to remember that they must constantly be gnawing in order to keep the growth of their teeth to a manageable level, so depending on how many mice are present in your home at a given time, it’s possible that they’ll cause significant damage to storage boxes, walls, furniture, PVC pipes, and wires; there are even many documented cases of house fires being caused by electrical malfunctions from mice chewing through wires.


The long-term solution to a mouse infestation is getting in touch with your local pest control professional, who will be able to identify and seal entry points and advise you on how best to combat these pests in your specific situation. However, as a quick fix for a mouse problem that how gotten well out of hand, there are a number of commercially available bait traps that will remove a few individual mice at a time.

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