Orchid Mantis

Found in Malaysia, the orchid mantis typically does not live on orchids as its name suggests.  Rather, it has lobes on its legs that resemble flower petals, which makes this insect look like an orchid.  The orchid mantis can change colors within days to match its environment.  Their chosen habitat is that of white and pink flowers and young trees.  This is a remarkable camouflage for the orchid mantis that protects it from predators and creates feeding opportunities as insects come to pollinate. The orchid mantis lives on flowers and feeds mainly on insects such as butterflies, flies, and crickets.  This type of praying mantis also requires approximately eighty percent humidity for survival.

A gorgeous pink and white, the orchid mantis ranges in size from 2.5 cm to 7cm long.  The male develops quickly as it only grows to be 2.5 cm long.  The male has white wings on a pinkish orange body.  On the other hand, the female grows to between 6 and 7cm in length and can vary in color.  Mating can take from a few hours to a few days with the male sitting atop the female.

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