Cantu Pest Control Employee Standards

Cantu Pest Control has over 20 well trained professional associates that work in such fields as answering customer phone calls to pest control exterminators that make property inspections.

To be a successful in what we do, Cantu Pest Control requires that each and every inspection must be done by a trained professional. We realize that in home inspections can be concerning to residential homeowners, therefore it is our goal to provide the very best for our customers, all employees go through a complete background check before employment and once annually through FC Background Check. FC Background Check is a nationally recognized third party pre-employment screening business whose screening process includes criminal, driving and substance testing.  Additionally each employee wears a photo ID with a toll free number which allows customers to confirm employment status.

After this thorough background check, Cantu Pest Control looks for special characteristics in each of our employees in order to guarantee the our customer’s receive very best customer service. We understand that pest infestations can be burdensome to our customers both emotionally and financially, therefore Cantu is committed to looking for future employees that are dedicated to:

  • A sincere desire to help others
  • Organizational skill and time management
  • Ability and desire to work with minimal supervision
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Positive attitude