Effective Squirrel Removal

squirrel removal

Effective squirrel removal relies on the vigilance of the homeowner.

As I’ve mentioned on many other places on this site, the attic is an ideal entry point and nesting place for sundry destructive vermin like mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. As any homeowner beset by such a problem will likely be aware, the fist and most obvious sign of the presence of squirrels in one’s home is the supremely irritating sounds of bumping and scratching that can be heard across the upper floors and walls. While many of use believe that a squirrel is more at home in a tree than on a flat, ground-like surface, the fact is that as long as there is adequate shelter from predators, a squirrel will make it’s home just about anywhere.

As the weather continues to get colder, especially in areas like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, an attic, specifically, is the ideal home for a squirrel, as it’s warm, dry, and virtually perfect for both nesting and storing food. Moreover, an attic is the perfect place for squirrels to breed, as they’re usually well out of the way of predators—meaning that homeowners beset by this particular problem should immediately search for means of dealing with the problem in order to avoid an infestations. In this particular instance, it’s worth nothing that an infestation of squirrels could mean anywhere from two to twenty of these animals obstinately tearing up your property, and as with any animals that have a tendency to invade homes—insect or otherwise—they’re almost impossible to get rid of when they invade in large enough numbers.

Calling your local wildlife control experts in certainly a solution, but it should be noted that such a measure is generally fairly costly, though they can generally be relied upon to remove the pests to a different location, as opposed to just killing them outright. On the other hand, the enthusiastic homeowner does have a number of options at their disposal to deal with the problem themselves, including trapping and removing the squirrels manually.

However, this squirrel removal method is generally easier said than done, as it requires the amateur to accurately identify all entry and exit points that may or may not be hidden around your attic. For the untrained civilian, this is not small task. Assuming that the individual in question has successfully managed to identify all of the points of ingress and egress, the next step is to block all of these points except for one. If done correctly, this means that the squirrels have no other option than to use the exit in which the trap should be placed.

Appropriate squirrel-sized traps can be purchased at nearly any hardware store, and should be placed in or near the squirrels’ point on entry. Follow the instructions provided by the trap’s manufacturer, and ensure that the trap is mounted correctly. When a squirrel is successfully captured, it may then be removed to a different location, which usually means that the critter in question will not be invading your attic again anytime soon.

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