Hornets Will Swarm if Their Nests Are Threatened


Hornets Are Highly Territorial Insects

Published on August 23, 2017

Due to the fact that there are several wasps in one area there will be an established hierarchy of sterile females that will defend and build the nest, and reproductive males and females that will continue on to mate and have more offspring.

Hornets will build their football/soccer shaped nests out of paper or wood pulp mixed from saliva under the eaves of houses, in attics or in bushes and trees.

Social wasps also have a specific way that they mate. Before winter a reproductive female will mate with a reproductive male, and store the collected sperm. After hibernating for the winter, the female will build her nest and fertilize the eggs the way she chooses.

At the beginning all fertilized eggs will produce sterile females to help with the nest, but as the queen runs out of sperm to fertilize eggs the unfertilized eggs will produce male wasps which will help to further future population. After an egg is laid it usually takes around a week for it to hatch and then another 2 weeks to fully develop into an adult hornet.

HornetsThough Hornets are not as aggressive as a yellow jacket, a hornet sting is actually more painful than other wasp stings due to the large amount of acetylcholine that is injected into the human. Hornets can sting multiple times because their stingers are not barbed and will not stick to a human the way a bee’s stinger will.

A single sting will not be a severe threat to a human unless the person is allergic and then anaphylaxis will set in. If a human comes too close to a hornet’s nest or tries to unsuccessfully eliminate it, then hornets are capable of a full on assault resulting in hundreds of hornets attacking a single invader. If a hornet is killed then their last attempt at protecting the nest will cause them to release a pheromone that will result in the whole nest narrowing in on and attacking the invader.

If you are stung by a hornet it is best to place ice on the stung area. It is important that you clean the area often so that it does not become infected. Call your doctor or medical professional to discuss the treatment that is right for you.

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Why should you hire a professional pest control service?
Do it yourself projects are a great source of independence for many homeowners; a weekend spent painting the office or repairing a slight plumbing failure is hard work yet intrinsically rewarding. Do it yourself pest control can be a bit more tricky. While the occasional ant, wasp, or fly can be combated by most homeowners, termites or bed bugs as well as extreme infestations of any insect may require a professional. When it comes to pest control, however, you must consider the efficacy of do it yourself products, the cost and convenience, as well as the inherent risks.
Over the counter, so to speak, pest control products are well labeled and the directions are easy to follow; however these products are not as potent as those issued to individuals with a pesticide applicator’s license. A professional pest control service has the knowledge necessary to diagnose, treat, and apply the correct amount of the correct pesticide. They can also be pertinent in the prevention of further infestations through early detection and continued intervention.
The over the counter chemicals are typically less expensive; however in the long run, a professional may be more effective especially in response to pests such as termites that could cause fatal, long-term damage to your home. In the event that the over the counter chemicals are not effective, the insects may develop a resistance to the chemical makeup, making them stronger and more difficult to deter. The initial cost of a professional pest control company may seem high, but the effective maintenance will keep the cost down. The over the counter chemicals are also convenient to use but a good pest control company will work with the homeowner to schedule a date and time that is most convenient for both parties.

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Just like other do it yourself projects, there are inherent risks associated with applying pest control chemicals. Some chemicals are not pet, child, or plant safe; thus, careful attention and adherence to the labeling is a must. When you hire a professional pest control company almost all of the inherent risks are removed from the homeowner. Thankfully though, the pest control professional is well versed in the chemical and knows the preventive measures that must be adhered to. However, be sure to research the pest control companies in your area to find one that is friendly, effective, and cares for the betterment of the homeowner.

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