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The pest control experts at Cantu Pest Control have been servicing the Baytown area for over 20 years. Cantu Pest Control is your local exterminator company that will provide you, your home, and your business with quality pest control and pest management services. Cantu is Cantu Green Service and committed to environmentally friendly pest control methods. Whether you are dealing with termites or carpenter bees, your home or business is one of your most important assets. Cantu Pest Control professionals will also help you manage any pest infestation of mice, ants, rats, cockroaches or bed bugs as well. Call us today if you suspect a pest infestation of any size and make Cantu Pest Control your pest control company.

Baytown, TX: The City of Oil Exploration 

Baytown, a city within Harris County, was settled as early as 1822. Originally, the city we now know as Baytown started as three separate towns.  Talk of merging the three cities began after the end of World War I, but residents of Baytown opposed the idea. However, by 1947 the three towns decided to merge and the name Baytown stuck.  The city of Baytown as its known today was officially founded in January 1948.

Baytown was known for its oil refineries which helped fuel the economy.  Oil exploration began around 1916 and the Goose Creek oil field became the first offshore drilling operation in Texas, which was the second in the nation. In 1919 the first refinery was built in Baytown, which would later become one of the most prosperous and influential refineries in the world during the time.  This refinery was especially advantageous during World War II, as it produced over a billion gallons of aviation fuel.  Because of the city’s rapid growth, the population increased by 50,000 people over the next 50 years.

Today, Baytown is full of numerous tourist sites like the Goose Creek Country Club, the Royal Purple Raceway, and the Baytown Nature Center.  The population is over 71,000 people as of 2010. Visit today and experience the fun and history that Baytown, Texas holds!

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