Cantu Green Program

Cantu Pest Control, based in McKinney, Texas and serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston areas, has become the first company in Texas to offer a Green Shield Certified Service. The company underwent an extensive on-site evaluation by an IPM professional to achieve this distinction.

“IPM is common sense pest control,” according to Dr. Thomas Green who performed the evaluation. Dr. Green is president of the IPM Institute of North America, working nationally and internationally to improve pest control and reduce impacts on health and environment. “Cantu’s Green program uses IPM, which means they focus on solving the cause of pest problems, not simply applying a pesticide as a temporary fix.”

Cantu Pest Control uses the latest technology, including mobile devices that capture information during inspections. Reports are posted on a secure website so that clients can have instant, confidential access to their files. The electronic system also helps reduce paper, another benefit to the environment.

The company has an excellent track record, meeting the requirements for quality using a green approach in school systems, municipal facilities, commercial facilities and residences.

Green Shield Certified is operated by the IPM Institute of North America, Inc., an independent, non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Modeled after the Institute’s award-winning IPM STAR program for schools, Green Shield Certified is available to pest control companies and services, as well as facilities other than schools.