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Outdoor Pets Can Exacerbate Flea Infestations


When the weather begins to warm in the spring and summer, all manner of outdoor pests will become more active. Unfortunately, this also includes fleas, which generally experience a period of inactivity during the winter. Like bed bugs, these parasites require mammalian blood in order to survive. In most cases, humans will pick up fleas from their pets, who may contact them from running around outdoors. Fleas can then be easily transferred from pet to owner, and then to any number of places inside the home.

Indeed, fleas are famously tenacious pests and can transfer to a human host from a different pest that’s been trapped and removed. For example, if you successfully trap or kill a mouse or raccoon that’s been skulking around your property, any fleas that it may be carrying may be forced to find a different host, which may end up being pets or their owners.

Despite their size, flea bites can potentially be very dangerous. While they more often than not only result in numerous red, swollen, and itchy bumps, these pests can occasionally transmit a number of serious diseases. Most famously, fleas are responsible for the spread of the Black Plague in Europe during the 14th century; illnesses like murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia are also among those carried by fleas in North America.

Since fleas are minuscule pests, it’s important to be aware of other signs of flea activity. For example, pets scratching themselves abnormally frequently may be an indication of a flea infestation. The sudden presence of the telltale red, itchy bites it also another. Additionally, be on the lookout for what’s commonly referred to as “flea dirt;” that is, flea feces that resembles ground black pepper, and may be spotted in pet bedding, carpets, and rugs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that flea infestations can begin and spread very quickly. Fleas hide their tiny eggs in the fibers of carpets, clothing, and pet fur, and can therefore be quite challenging to detect. Accordingly, it’s vital that you contact your local pest control professional if you even suspect that fleas may have entered your home. In the meantime, and in an effort to keep fleas from laying eggs in the first place, be sure to wash your pet’s bedding frequently, and sweep and mop tile or wooden floors—especially where the floor meets the baseboard.

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