Termite Control Services

Cantu Pest Control offers a wide array of treatment choices to protect your home from termites and other wood-destroying insects. We stay on the cutting-edge technology and information of our industry through constant research and testing of products and techniques ensuring our customers get the best results.Termites can cause major damage to a family’s home or a commercial business without detection due to their silent nature of destroying structures from the inside out.

Customized Solutions

Termite and pest problems must be approached on an individual basis, which is why a trained Cantu Pest Control professional will first thoroughly inspect your home or business to identify the current situation. This provides valuable information that will allow us to customize a solution for your home or business.

Conditions such as structural damage, water damage, overgrown shrubs, trees and exposed wood that may contribute to termite infestation will be identified. For more detailed information about termites or other pests check out our Pest Education page. A structure can be affected by several different types of termites and house several different colonies. During our inspection, likely attractants and pathways are identified so we can develop a strategy with you to avoid future problems.

Your service professional will implement a targeted solution that may include a combination of treatments such as:
Liquid / Granular Treatments: Our liquid treatments include the liquid odorless pesticide Termidor which has been tested as the best defense against termites as it acts six times faster than bait, and has been proven to eliminate entire colonies. It is also considered the best option for food handling facilities and restaurants because it meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act. This treatment is most affective against Subterranean Termites.
Baiting Systems: Such as Sentricon is a relatively slow acting material enabling for several termites to take the bait further into the colony so that it will be ingested by several thousand. It prevents termites from molting allowing for the entire colony and queen to be infected and eliminated. Some bait systems are placed outside in soil around the perimeter of your home.
Wood Treatments:Either applied directly or injected into the wood to ensure protection against further infestation. This treatment is most effective against Drywood Termites.
Fumigation: A treatment for structures that have multiple colonies. A tent is placed over the structure and is pumped with poisonous gas that will permeate into even the smallest cracks.Fumigation results in a thorough and fast acting treatment. This treatment is most effective against Drywood Termites.

Regular inspections are critical in the battle against termites and other pests. This will ensure that your home or business will never face another costly and potentially dangerous termite problem in the future.

Cantu Pest Control Termite Protection Plan

Cantu Pest Control offers our customers customized termite treatments and protection services to suit their needs. For more information on what is included,check out our Termite Protection Plan Termite Protection Plan page.