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Cantu Pest Control Expands To Houston

Since 1983, Cantu Pest Control has provided industry-leading extermination and pest removal service to the Dallas Ft. Worth Area.  Our customers trust in our expert advice and services when it comes to dealing with pests ranging from ants, cockroaches and bed bugs to larger invaders like opossums, rats and skunks.  This summer, CEO Albert Cantu decided it was time to bring his company’s services to a wider clientele.  With the acquisition of Technical Pest Services, Cantu will now be serving the greater Houston area in addition to its loyal customer base in Dallas Ft. Worth.

While the acquisition of Technical Pest Services is technically Cantu’s first foray into the Houston market, the company will be setting up shop with more than a few local connections.  Tony Rios, Vice President and General Manager of Cantu Pest Control, lived in Houston before beginning work for Cantu in Dallas.   “Being a former resident of Houston, I am familiar with the opportunity that exists here.  [Former owners of Technical Pest Services] Rick and Mona have done a great job in building a business that can easily be grown by leveraging the great customer service they provide and the good will they have created.  All of the Technical Pest associates will be a great fit with the culture here at Cantu.”

Technical Pest Services has served the Houston area since 1992.  Over the past 22 years, Rick and Mona Kocurek have grown their client base to more than 600 customers, making a name for themselves in their industry along the way.  Technical Pest Services is well regarded for the high-quality customer care that they provide to all of their clients.  Cantu looks to spread this reputation more widely throughout the Houston area, utilizing the industry know-how passed down through the family over two generations to develop Technical Pest Service’s strong presence even further.

Cantu brings to Houston a deep knowledge of its industry and its market, specifically regarding pest problems that are unique to the American south and southwest.  Take, for example, the spread of the Raspberry “Crazy” Ants that began in Houston, TX in 2002.  Over the past 12 years, these ants have spread out all over Texas and have been spotted as far east as Miami.  Crazy ants pose a much different threat than their relative, the fire ant; accordingly, Cantu has developed different methodologies to deal with both types of pests.  Cantu’s expansion to the epicenter of the Crazy Ant epidemic ensures that they will encounter Crazy Ants more frequently, which will offer Cantu’s experts a greater opportunity to ply their unique tactics to deal with these troublesome menaces.

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