Cantu IPM Pest Control uses the standards in every area and every property that we serve. This includes meeting the standards of IPM and Green Shield in:

  • Municipalities
  • Industries healthcare
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Accommodation
  • Apartments
  • Food Processing Plants
All Cantu Pest Control professionals are certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, business and residential properties.

Cantu Pest Control offers a protection plan for qualifying commercial structures in which any damage caused by termites are, after Cantu’s been treated. The protection plan covers any new damage caused by subterranean termites and Formosan termites, after the original treatment made by Cantu.

After application, the liquid residue of the dried product and emulsifiers and solvents evaporated, leaving a durable residue clinging to the surfaces and is resistant to rain. The insect bait is placed in protected areas to prevent excessive moisture can reduce its effectiveness.

It is common to observe pests on the property until two weeks after the initial treatment, because it can take days where all plagues come in contact with the baits, gels and poisons. Pests continue trying to invade your home or property, so it is really important that a professional Pest Control Cantu delete any entry point to prevent future infestations. Finally, Pest Control Cantu made regular visits to ensure that a pest control rising and falling throughout the year. Please see our service plans for more information or call 972-562-9999 to speak with a professional Cantu.