Cantu Pest Control uses IPM standards in every area and property that we service. This includes meeting IPM and Green Shield standards in-

  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Company Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Lodging & Hospitality
  • Apartments
  • Food Processing

All Cantu Pest Control professionals are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture for commercial and residential properties.

Cantu Pest Control offers a protection plan for qualified commercial structures that encounter further termite damage after Cantu has treated a property for termites. This protection plan covers any new damage done by subterranean and formosan termites after Cantu’s original termite treatment.

Following application, a liquid residual product dries and the solvents and emulsifiers evaporate, leaving a durable residual that adheres to surfaces and is resistant to being washed away by rain. Insect baits, however, are placed in protected areas to keep excess moisture from possibly reducing their effectiveness.

Seeing pests in a property up to two weeks after initial treatment is common as it takes a few days for all the pests to come into contact with baits, gels, and residuals. Pests will continue to try to invade your home or property, which is why it is important for a Cantu Pest Control professional to eliminate any entry points to prevent further infestation. Finally, Cantu Pest Control will make regular visits to ensure that pest control inside and outside a property continues throughout the year. Please check out our Service Plans for more information or call 972-562-9999 to speak to a Cantu professional.