Dallas Bedbug Removal

Bedbugs Keep Dallas Pest Control Experts on Their Toes

Pest removal experts in Dallas and Fort Worth are fighting an uphill battle with bedbugs as the continuing upswing in international trade and travel continues to spread the infestation—to one degree or another—to nearly all metropolitan areas within the United States.

In fact, researchers say that because of their tiny size and relative resilience, they’ve been able to spread incredibly efficiently all across the country.

Many professional in different parts of the country suggest that bedbug-detecting canines are about ninety-eight to ninety-ninety percent accurate. In fact, some Dallas bedbug removal services rely exclusively on canine scent detection inspections to help determine if rooms are truly free of bedbugs.

There are, however, certain more elaborate measures such as electronic bedbug traps that can be utilized in conjunction with the canine element. However, you can also build an effective bedbug trap that utilizes carbon dioxide for fewer than ten dollars as well. Heat-based traps have also been proven to draw out bedbugs from their hiding places.

It’s a well-known fact that bedbugs can’t climb up perfectly smooth vertical surfaces such as clean glass or plastic. Dallas Bedbug removal services have occasionally been known to employ certain measures to contain and isolate areas that are suspected to harbor bedbugs.

There are also other bed bug blocking-type devices that are now commercially available. These devices place a non-climbable surface between the bed bug and the bed or furniture.

It should be reiterated, however, that these measures are not actual solutions to a bedbug infestation, and should only be employed with a professional extermination service.

There are new bed bug traps being introduced to the pest management professional market and it’s only a matter of time until they hit the general consumer market as well. Those traps that emit certain bed bug attractants, including heat, carbon dioxide, and other materials, have proved highly alluring to bed bugs.

A few trap designs employ a simply vertical service that rely on the bed bugs’ inability to climb smooth surfaces have also demonstrated their effectiveness and are economical. Interestingly, researchers have recently published data indicating that both heat and carbon dioxide may attract bed bugs in a relatively equivalent manner.

Aside from traps, there are some other, albeit more expensive methods for dealing with bedbug infestations.

Heat treating supposed infestations is probably the most effective method for dealing with these pests, as it’s been observed that they can scarcely survive even the mildest of heat treatments. Homeowners interesting in getting rid of a bedbug infestation for good will likely be best served by contacting their local pest control professionals and inquiring about heat treatment services.

Aside from its obvious effectiveness against bedbug infestations, heat treatment is also a cheaper and safer alternative than other chemically-based methods. These methods are not always effective, and can likewise be hazardous to humans or pets living in areas where they’re being administered.

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