Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Cantu Pest Control was the first pest control company in Texas to offer a Cantu Green Service service and has been successfully servicing Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston’s Pest Control needs. This achievement has allowed us to uphold nationally recognized standards and practices, ensuring that our customer’s pest infestations don’t receive just a temporary fix, but a continued solution that protects a property from future problems. Each solution is scientifically based and tailored to each particular situation, and Cantu Pest Control is dedicated to environmentally friendly solutions that ensure proven, effective pest control methods.

As professionals who have been in the exterminator business for over 25 years, Cantu Pest Control knows the ins-and-outs to all types of pest problems. Through our extensive experience in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston areas, Cantu understands the conditions in a home that may affect a pest infestation. Therefore, our professionals will be able to inspect any type of property and analyze why there is an infestation, such as identification of entry points, attractants, identify potential nesting sites and potential food sources. After an inspection, our professionals can then address such problems through IPM practices:

  • Identify pest problem
  • Correct pest conducive conditions; remove clutter, clean drains
  • Apply treatments
  • Continued monitoring and inspections

We understand that at times pesticides must be used in order to effectively eliminate notoriously invasive pests such as termites and bedbugs. Cantu Pest Control follows strict guidelines if the need for pesticides occurs, and each pesticide used must be previously screened and approved through Green Shield Regulations. After application of pesticides, record keeping is required so to have physical documentation to explain why pesticide application may have been necessary.