An Annual Termite Plan Brings Peace of Mind

Spring has arrived, and it’s an ideal time to open your windows and let the outside in.

But it’s also time to consider what could be happening to your home from the inside out.From now through June, termites are looking to mate and then burrow into soil to build colonies — an annual spring “swarming” process that essentially serves as a catalyst to more than $2.5 billion in damage annually. Subterranean termites are hungry, aiming for pieces of wood.

You can take control by aiming for peace of mind. The best move to protect your home or business from a termite infestation is to act proactively, and talk to Cantu Pest Control about which annual termite protection plan best fits your needs. The right way to handle a termite issue is to prevent one from happening in the first place — that’s why so many homeowners and business leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area opt for an annual protection plan.

At Cantu Pest Control, we believe a proper termite plan doesn’t begin with our own products and services, but rather with each customer’s challenges and goals. Every pest control situation is unique — different entry points, different potential structural damage areas, different environmental factors, etc. — especially when it comes to termites and the damage they cause.

That’s why our trained professionals listen first, and then tailor a range of targeted treatment options that can be reassessed annually. The best answer might be liquid treatments, baiting systems, wood treatments, fumigation or a blend of solutions.

We encourage you to visit our Termite Protection Page and then contact a Cantu Pest Control professional for details at 972-562-9999. You can also schedule a zero-cost, hassle-free consultation directly from our website.

Spring is a time of renewal. Together, let’s take steps to make your season termite-free.